A Relaxing Day Off

What do you do on your day off? There a lot of things you want to do. You want to buy groceries, do laundry, go out, take your dog out, and more… your day off can almost be stressful! But breathe deep and relax. It is important to do some planning for your day off. Even though your schedule is more open and flexible, a productive and relaxing day off has to be planned as well.

There are a few activities you can schedule for your day off.

1) Watching a movie or TV series at home. You can rent or borrow one or watch online on a site like 123movies. Put on comfy clothes, grab a mug of hot chocolate, good company and relax! You can choose from a lot of good movies and series from 123movies in just one click.

2) Exercise: run, walk or riding a bike can help you to relax your mind and body. 40-60 minutes are recommended.

3) Make a grocery list: go to the supermarket with a list of what you need of. It can help you to save money and time.  It can take less than 1 hour.

4) Read: read a new book or finish one. Sit on the couch and take a travel through new worlds. There are lot of things to discover.

5) Handcrafting: work on a project or find a new one.  Gardening, painting, knitting, and other hobbies are always fun!

6) Spend time with your friends or couple: do something with someone you appreciate or maybe you want to know new people.

7) Sleep: set time to take a nap. It can help you to relax. A 20-30 minutes nap is healthy when you feel stressed.

Remember, planning your day off is not about feeling stress but relaxing and recuperating for the rest of the work week.